How are the Zoning and Subdivision Codes Changing?

It’s important to note that many current Zoning and Subdivision Code provisions are carried forward in the revised codes. Existing text is reorganized and updated for clarity where needed. Each draft subchapter includes footnotes throughout the document that indicate where current provisions are carried forward, as well as where new standards are proposed.

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Announcements + Updates

October 8, 2021: 

The complete drafts of the Zoning and Land Development Codes are now available to download on the Document Center section of the website.

October 1, 2021: 

The video recording and PowerPoint presentation from the Module 4 Public Webinar are now available in the Public Participation section of the website.

September 23, 2021: 

The Module 4 Public Review Draft (Land Development Code) is now available to download fromt the Document Center.

September 22, 2021: 

The Frequently Asked Questions page has been updated with new information and links. 

September 10, 2021: 

An online public meeting will be held on September 30 for Module 4 of Recode York County. Additional details will be posted shortly. Please note that there will not be a public meeting for Module 3, which focused on the administrative and procedural sections of the ordinances. 


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What is Recode York County?

Recode York County is an initiative to review, update, and realign York County's Zoning and Subdivision Codes to better reflect the current and future development context in the county. The revised land use and development ordinances will be updated to implement the policies and goals of 2035 York Forward, the County's adopted Comprehensive Plan, as well as associated small area plans.

Other goals of the process include: 

  • Modernizing the Codes to incorporate current best practices
  • Making the Codes more user-friendly, with additional graphics and a more intuitive organizational structure
  • Improving consistency between the Codes and related County ordinances, standards and regulations
  • Enhance the predictability of development outcomes
  • Permit flexibility, where appropriate
  • Eliminate barriers to development that is consistent with adopted plans

The process is being led by the York County Planning & Development Services Department, with oversight by the York County Council and the York County Planning Commission. The public, and all interested stakeholders, will have opportunities throughout the process, which is scheduled to conclude by December 2021, to provide input into the code rewrite and review and comment on draft regulations. Project updates, work products and notices for public meetings will be posted on this website, as well as the Recode York County Facebook page.

Next Public Meeting


The York County Planning Commission will hold a meeting on the draft Zoning and Land Development Codes at 6:00 pm on Monday October 25th at the Heckle Complex in Rock Hill. The meeting will take place in the Large Conference Room at 1070 Heckle Boulevard

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