It’s important to note that many current Zoning and Subdivision Code provisions are carried forward in the revised codes. Existing text is reorganized and updated for clarity where needed. Each draft subchapter includes footnotes throughout the document that indicate where current provisions are carried forward, as well as where new standards are proposed.

To understand the most significant changes proposed to the codes, the best place to start is to review the presentations from past public meetings. Videos of the meetings and copies of the slide decks are available by clicking on the Public Participation tab in the menu.

  • The Module 1 Presentation provides an overview of the most significant proposed changes to zoning districts, uses, and use regulations.
  • The Module 2 Presentation provides an overview of the most significant proposed changes to building design, buffers and screening, parking, and signs.
  • The Module 4 presentation (to be posted after the September 30 online meeting) will provide an overview of the most significant changes to the Subdivision Code, now called the Land Development Code.

Module 3, which focused on the administrative and procedural sections of the Zoning Code, will be presented during the final adoption process, starting in October.

In addition, the Zoning and Subdivision Codes Assessment, completed as one of the first steps in the Recode project, recommends a variety of changes to the codes and provides background information and discussion of each recommended change.

Next Public Meeting


The York County Council will hold a meeting on the draft Zoning and Land Development Codes at 6:00 pm on Wednesday November 10th at the Heckle Complex in Rock Hill. The meeting will take place in the Large Conference Room at 1070 Heckle Boulevard.

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