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Comment 4 - 8/18/21

Q4: My property is currently zoned RUD--is this recode project going to affect my zoning classification and what changes are being proposed that will affect existing RUD zoned parcels? 

A4: The Recode project will not affect the zoning classification of properties zoned RUD—all properties currently zoned RUD will remain zoned this way. 

No changes are proposed to RUD’s minimum lot size (1 acre), minimum lot width (100 ft), or maximum height (50 ft). Recode establishes a maximum density of 1 dwelling unit per acre in the RUD District, which is consistent with the 1 acre minimum lot size.

Proposed is to specify principal structure setbacks by zoning district, rather than use, which promotes consistent development character within districts. The proposed setbacks for the RUD District are the same as the current setbacks for single-family uses. 

Recode proposes to expand York County’s current right-to-farm provisions to the RUD District. 

Finally, the land use categories and land use definitions have been updated and brought into modern parlance, which affects all zoning districts. RUD continues to primarily allow agricultural and single-family residential uses.

Comment 3 - 7/7/21

Q3: When will the Module Four meeting be taking place, and when will materials be available for public review in advance of that meeting?

A3: A public meeting to review Module 4 is tentatively planned for September 2021. The Public Review Drafts will be posted on the Recode website at least one week prior to the meeting. The County will continue to accept community input during the adoption process, tentatively set to begin in October/November 2021.

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