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Comment 3 - 7/7/21

Q3: When will the Module Four meeting be taking place, and when will materials be available for public review in advance of that meeting?

A3: A public meeting to review Module 4 is tentatively planned for September 2021. The Public Review Drafts will be posted on the Recode website at least one week prior to the meeting. The County will continue to accept community input during the adoption process, tentatively set to begin in October/November 2021.

Tree Ordinance Comments (All related comments will be consolidated here.)

Comment: My family, community and I beg you to reconsider the current Grand Tree Ordinance. Protection of tree’s comes with many benefits to our community and environment. With pollution at an all time high we must invoke our God given right to protect the nature put on this earth. Too much of anything is never good and that includes the removal of trees under the current ordinance. I will gladly go into more details on this matter and again beg you to listen to your neighbors, do the research yourself and implore you to make a change! Thank you for your time.

Comment: Please stop allowing or encouraging clearing all land prior to sale. The neighborhoods look horrible and we need to keep Trees for O2 and reduction of heat.

Response:  Thanks for submitting your comments for Recode York County. Many stakeholders expressed similar concerns with tree removal and clearcutting/mass grading of development sites during our listening sessions early in the project. We plan to address this in Module 4, which will include revisions to the Tree Conservation ordinance.

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