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Comment 1 - 5/18/21

Q1: With the updates to the ordinances, 155.205 becomes 155.070 for PD and 155.190 becomes 155.138 for UD. While UD is listed in the "new" use table 155.151, the PD zoning is not. It would be helpful to all involved to either list this column as UD/PD or to have a separate column for PD if its permitted uses differ from UD. 

A1: Thanks for submitting your comments for Recode York County. Perhaps a further explanation will help clarify allowable uses in a PD District.

The revised Zoning Code does not limit the land uses that may be located in a PD District. Subchapter B, Subpart 3.4, Section 155.073: Allowed Uses and Allocation Standards specifies that allowed uses in a PD District are proposed by the developer, with final approval by County Council. This provides flexibility for PDs to accommodate a mix of land uses, as well as unique or emerging land uses that may not be listed in the use table.

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