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Q: What is Recode York County? 

A: Recode York County is an intitiative to update the York County Zoning and Subdivision Codes to better align them with the York County Comprehensive Plan, modernize the ordinances, make them more user friendly, provide more predictable development outcomes and permit flexibility where appropriate. 


Q: Where can I find more information on zoning, subdivision and other land use regulations? 

A: Click HERE to download a presentation on land use regulation in South Carolina that the County has prepared based on a set of training materials originally developed by the South Carolina Association of Counties.


Q: When will the new Zoning and Subdivision Codes be Adopted? 

A: The process is anticipated to conclude with adoption of the updated ordinances by December 2021. 


Q: Where can I find the current Zoning and Subdivision Codes? 

A: You can review the current York County Zoning and Subdivision Codes by clicking on the Document Center tab in the menu. 


Q: Will my property be rezoned? 

A: While this process is focused on updates to the text of the Zoning and Subdivision Codes, it may result in the creation of new districts or the consolidation / realignment of existing zoning districts. If it is determined that rezonings will be necessary to implement the updated Zoning Code due to the consolidation of districts, for example, then property owners will receive notice and have the opportunity to participate in the hearing process with the County Council prior to any final action being taken. 


Q: How can I find out what my property is zoned? 

A: You can view the current county zoning assigned to your property by clicking HERE to access the York County GIS Planning Viewer online mapping tool. 


Q: Is the County going to adopt a UDO (Unified Development Ordinance)? 

A: This process is designed to keep the Zoning and Subdivision Codes as separate ordinances.  


Q: I live in one of the cities or towns in York County. How will this affect me? 

A: Recode York County will not directly affect property located within one of the cities or towns in the county, with the exception of properties that are situated on the border between the municipality and the unincorporated area of the county. In that case, it is possible that the development regulations or zoning district that apply to an adjacent property in the unincorporated area might change. 


Q: Will I have a chance to review the code updates before they are adopted? 

A: All draft and final versions of the updated Zoning and Subdivision Codes will be posted on this website under the Document Center tab in the menu.


Q: How can I submit questions or comments about the code update? 

A: Contact information for the project manager and a form for submitting questions and comments via the website are available under the Contact Us tab in the menu. 


Q: Is this process going to change school impact fees? 

A: Those fees are adopted by the County Council via ordinances that are not contained in the Zoning and Subdivision Codes, and are not under consideration as part of this process.   


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